About Community Heroes Inspiring Kindness + Compassion = Action

Vision: A kinder, more compassionate and service-oriented society.

Mission: To groom and equip young philanthropists and social activists with 21st century skills and tools to be positive agents of change.

  • To create a culture of healthy, kind, compassionate and action-oriented community stewardship by weaving Community Heroes into the fabric of the education system.
  • To make Kindness + Compassion = ACTION the “fashion” and a cornerstone of our curriculum.
  • To build a nationwide model of innovation for Social/Emotional and Real-World Service Learning.

Who: Marin County (Calif.) elementary school students. Currently active in five schools (Sun Valley, Dixie, Mary Silveira, Vallecito and Rancho Elementary) and expanding to additional schools in 2017.

What: Community Heroes is a scalable and measurable initiative that helps sow the seeds of compassion in our youth. We are redefining philanthropy…with a huge dose of fun and inspiration! Parents facilitate student lunch clubs weekly or every other week so all students have access and get inspired to be kind, compassionate and help others. With adult guidance, kids run collection drives, fundraisers and service projects throughout the school year.


  • VOLUNTARY and KID-INSPIRED: Free to come as you choose
  • EXPOSURE: Open-forum for kids to discuss real-world issues, spark build compassion
  • REAL-WORLD LEARNING: Students develop service projects in community
  • SOCIAL MEDIA for SOCIAL GOOD: Sharing snippets of kindness and compassion
  • IMPACT: Our impact study with our pilot program shows our approach is working