Does Authentic storytelling + Leveraging Social Media = Social Change?

We created this modern day algorithm and have shown that it works! The Community Heroes program has been actively testing our theory targeting children as our most powerful social change agents. Using inspirational videos to anchor our “HERO” curriculum around compassion, gratitude and service, Community Hero students are asked to:


H: Hero’s story: Kids watch impactful videos about everyday heroes to spark them to action

E: Everyone’s story:  In an open forum, students discuss how the hero’s story resonates with them or someone they know, connecting them to the cause and activating their inner hero.

R: Rally the heroes: It’s time to brainstorm! How do they feel? What can they do to help?

O: Our actions matter:  Kindness and understanding PLUS community action! Facilitators help kids connect to local community causes/organizations. We share accomplishments on social media to spread the goodness!

Download a sample Community Heroes curriculum (PDF)