Institutional Sponsors

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Founding Sponsors: Justice League

FYRFLY Foundation
LinkedIn for Good
County of Marin
Bread for the Journey

Become a Community Heroes sponsor

Join us on our mission to inspire ACTION through KINDNESS and COMPASSION!

WHY: Help us scale our program and expand our movement. As a sponsor you will help:

  • Build out our communications platform to share inspiring stories and impact, starring our Community Hero kids
  • Build an engaging and flexible curriculum with videos, training modules and tools for facilitators to adopt at schools and community organizations
  • Build a sustainable organization and expand our partnerships with educational, service and corporate partners
  • Promote a culture where it’s cool to be kind and fun to serve others!


  • Be featured on our website and at Community Heroes events
  • Participate in our inspirational service events, including the annual Day of Giving
  • Great karma points!

Interested in becoming a Community Heroes sponsor? Please contact Kala Shah, executive director, to learn more.