Now well into my 6th year of facilitating Community Heroes, I’m struck by how quickly our very capable elementary students grow into even more capable middle and high school students. I’ve been so inspired by Parkland, Florida, student Emma Gonzalez and how she and her peers are grabbing the helm of leadership and shaking things up for the real and necessary change that lies ahead. Even though we never wish for tragedy to be the mobilizing force, my hope is for all our youth to find passion and purpose to solve our world’s problems. I trust our future remains bright in their hands.

Our 5th Annual Day of Giving is upon us this Sunday! This year’s program will feature middle and high school students taking the lead on several of the projects, some of whom have been participating in Community Heroes programs from its early days. Students are leading our projects: making meals for the homeless, superhero capes and blankets for sick kids, pet toys for animals in the shelter, art project for seniors and much more. The day is also about putting ourselves in other people’s shoes, building community and giving to our maximum capacity. Shifting from ME to WE. Big bonus? Feels like magic and makes you want to keep giving more.

Let’s keep this happy cycle going….and pass the baton as we keep grooming our youngest to take the reins. As we wave our pom-poms from the sidelines and shout out words of encouragement.  That’s the point after all, isn’t it? Grooming our next generation of compassionate leaders. Please join our movement.

Press release about our Day of Giving