Kala & Mita with P!NK (who had barely broken a sweat) post-show, complete with heartfelt conversation, wine and hugs!

There are those rare, pivotal moments in life forever punctuated in one’s memory and frozen in time. Your mind might first jump to when you heard tragic news. Then there’s the more intimate, OMG, wonderful stuff: that moment he popped the question, seeing the double lines on the pregnancy test, and oh that time I was backstage with P!nk after her show and she looked into my eyes and really saw my soul. Yea, THAT type of moment. Still giddy after this amazing experience in my life!

How did this crazy thing happen, you might ask? Yes, it might’ve appeared to be a random stroke of luck with my 14-year old dialing @SiriusXM radio at precisely the right second from the middle-of-nowhere Nevada as we drove home from Spring Break. “You are the 50th caller! Not only did you win tickets to the show, you also get to meet P!nk backstage…” AAAAAHHHHH!!!! Thank goodness I managed to keep my sweaty palms on the steering wheel going 85 mph with 18-wheelers zooming by.

But I prefer to think that this gift was not just a random occurrence. That perhaps my personal evolution, living my purpose, bolder attitude and risk-taking has taken me to a higher frequency for a REASON. I was MEANT to meet P!nk at this time in my life and I’m doing my best to LIVE LARGE and elevate my game for the greater good. I’ve redoubled my commitment to evolving my passion work Community Heroes to its next iteration. I was inspired to present in front of 500+ kids @SVElementary⁠ — “Live with Passion and Purpose ⁠— Change the World” with Life Lessons from P!nk. I combined this TED-talk style presentation with sharing a bit of my culture (wrapping the principal Julie Harris in a sari to a room full of ooohs and aahhhs) and breaking out one my classical Indian dances. My main messages (check out my PPT for related video-links):

1. DREAM BIG (So what, I’m still a ROCK STAR, I’ve got my ROCK MOVES….)
2. It’s OK if you don’t succeed, NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams (You gotta get up and try, try, try….)
3. Surround yourself with people who LIFT YOU UP
4. BE GRATEFUL, KIND & GIVING (So come on show me how we’re good. I think we can do some good….hmm…)
5. There’s just one you (No one can be just like me anyway….). WORK HARD to be the best you can be and OWN your unique differences

Just like P!nk. 🙂

She epitomizes “living large” as an iconic pop star who sings, dances WHILE flying around stadiums like Peter Pan (I mean, she may very well be extra-terrestrial!). She is hugely charitable, supporting over 26 causes. Best yet (and this I can now attest to), in spite of her international fame and success, she is the most down-to-earth, warm and friendly person who looks you straight in the eye to connect. If I hadn’t been so weak in the knees from her soulful gaze into my eyes, I may have very well invited her over for dinner. Invite is always open, @Pink!!! Thank you for being such an iconic role model and embodying such authentic values into your artistry, stirring lyrics and life. I’ll do my best to emulate you and as a reminder I’ll continue to wear the plastic “Pink After Party” wristband until it disintegrates.

Lots of work going on behind the scenes to embody ALL of these life lessons, grow the tribe, and evolve Community Heroes into its next, exciting iteration. 7 years and going strong. Please reach out and join us on our mission to empower our next generation of compassionate leaders!