21 Jun 2019

Living Large⁠ — Life Lessons from my experience with P!NK

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Kala & Mita with P!NK (who had barely broken a sweat) post-show, complete with heartfelt conversation, wine and hugs!

There are those rare, pivotal moments in life forever punctuated in one’s memory and frozen in time. Your mind might first jump to when you heard tragic news. Then there’s the […]

11 Mar 2019

Sixth Annual Day of Giving: Loads of Impact and Good Will!

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Energetic group ready to DO!

It’s hard to describe all the feelings you get at the Day of Giving. Electric charge, positivity, sense of purpose, excitement, goosebumps, even some tears (gratitude, vulnerability, concern for others)….all the good stuff that we crave in connecting to others and meaningful causes. All this before 9am […]

8 Nov 2018

A Rocking Socktober to Remember

By |2018-11-08T11:10:00-08:00Nov 8, 2018|

Community Heroes ROCKED Socktober! Three of our participating schools (Vallecito, Dixie and Sun Valley Elementary) delivered 2,500 pairs of socks to Downtown Streets Team at their weekly team meeting, their largest sock donation EVER!

They also heard updates from the team members (new job, new apartment, etc.) and got a sense of the strong community among team […]

12 Oct 2018

Why I Travel: Perspective for my own Personal ME to WE Transformation

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Angkor Wat temple complex–Summer 2018

Travel has always been a huge and beloved priority in my life. I got that gene running strong from my dad, who at 81 and along with my brother and cousin, recently returned from an exciting and rugged safari trip to Kenya and Tanzania to witness the incredible […]

14 May 2018

Community Heroes Youth Leaders Embrace Being the Change

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Our 5th Annual Day of Giving on March 5 went down in Community Heroes history books as another grand success! What felt the same as in years past? The electric charge in the air, the sense of purpose, the infectious excitement as the community joined together to serve was as awesome, wholesome and fun as ever.

What […]

28 Feb 2018

PASSING THE BATON: Grooming young leaders

By |2021-01-05T16:39:40-08:00Feb 28, 2018|

Now well into my 6th year of facilitating Community Heroes, I’m struck by how quickly our very capable elementary students grow into even more capable middle and high school students. I’ve been so inspired by Parkland, Florida, student Emma Gonzalez and how she and her peers are grabbing the helm of leadership and shaking things up for the real and […]

21 Nov 2017

Make Giving a Path to a More Meaningful Life

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Like many of us in Marin, I woke up in the middle of the night on Sunday, Oct. 8 to the intense smell of smoke and fire coming from the North Bay wildfires. For me, the smell brought on a flood of memories — I suffered third-degree burns on more than 50 percent of my body as a toddler. The […]

9 Mar 2017

Day of Giving Does It Again!

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What happens when you bring together more than 300 kids and parents from 14 school communities on a Sunday morning to do random acts of kindness, create care kits for the homeless, make superhero capes for sick kids, beautify local parks and much, much more? MAGIC, I tell you, just pure MAGIC! […]

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