Want to bring more service and heart into your business or organization? Introducing The GENEROUS HEART PLAYshops!

Community Heroes has teamed up with Coddiwomple Queen, led by “play” enthusiast and experienced corporate facilitator Lisa Batchelder to offer play “workshops,” called The Generous Heart. Our approach: Research substantiates PLAY & SERVICE as a powerful promoter of  solution based thinking especially when faced with challenge, builds community and connection, AND it’s fun. Combing facilitated PLAY with real time SERVICE, our PLAYshops offer a chance for participants to become agents of change for the betterment of their own lives and the community.

A PLAYshop is:

An interactive, facilitator-led session where participants PLAY & engage in real time community SERVICE to explore, create and connect around a desired outcome, such as:

  • FUN! and break from needles and tests. Bringing play and joy into the equation!
  • Build community within/between hospital staff, patients, and families.
  • Create a unique corporate team building event across or within departments.
  • A refreshing, inspiring resource for the families of patients in treatment.
  • A unique forum to highlight an organization’s mission, message & educate the community.
  • An opportunity for all participants no matter age or circumstance to exercise their ability to make change.

More info: The GENEROUS HEART PLAYshop brochure (PDF)