Community Heroes Programs: What We Do

We empower kids with new skills including including empathy, problem-solving and project execution, as well as social-emotional development. We help kids understand real-world issues and the non-profit agencies addressing. We lead super-fun, hands-on, age-appropriate activities that inspire and empower the kids in our community to do good.

We lead:

  • facilitated lunch-clubs
  • video and social media storytelling workshops
  • student-inspired fundraisers, collection drives and community service events
  • partnership development for socially-conscious companies and youth inspired causes
  • by redefining philanthropy

Community Heroes is unique:

  • Proven, simple, impactful, lunch club format offers a flexible HERO curriculum, facilitated by volunteer parents at elementary school level
  • Engages kids through high-quality entertainment (video and activities) and offers  a space to build social-emotional skills. Our partner Go Inspire Go anchors our HERO curriculum through their inspirational videos and blogs about everyday heroes.
  • Can be adapted to local circumstances, kids’ interests and parent participation, allowing for an array of issues and approaches
  • Makes family community service fun, easy, accessible
  • Inspirational annual Day of Giving event the first Sunday in March brings together local clubs, non-profits and partners to celebrate the joy of service